Error executing child request for ~/viewPicture.aspx

I got the error message listed below and this was because the Windows ACL and permission system prevented it from writing to ngallery.xml. nGallery is updating information about the number of times a picture is viewed in this file.
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nGallery is not able to run it in 2.0. When I set it up in IIS to run as a 1.1 assembly, it works fine. There will not be a fix for this since nGallery has become a part of the Community Server! and are not continuing to work on nGallery individually.
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SyncToy for Windows XP

You probably have thousands of digital photos and documents that you want to backup or copy to external media. In my case, I copy everything to my development workstation to my laptop for working from home and bring back my work to office.
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Date and Time Manipulation in SQL Server 2000

SQL Server 2000 does not have separate data types for date and time. Instead the Microsoft SQL Server Team chose to combine both the data types into one and store it as a datetime data type.
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Crosstab Queries in SQL Server 2000

I have had to produce crosstab/pivot queries from SQL Server 2000 before, and it ain’t pretty. Typically the data is stored in rows, and the data in one field needs to be turned into a column header.
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